Cippo Token

Become a Strong Holderand join our 3-Year Progressive Program.Together, let's aim for a 1000X growth with our strong and united community.

This meme token is designed for a community of 300,000 strong individuals who embrace the idea of starting small and growing together. It is not meant for those who are averse to taking initial steps or for individuals solely focused on their wealth. To learn more about this token, please refer to the "About" section. We welcome like-minded people who value the spirit of camaraderie and collective progress.

Token Max Supply: 27,027,027,027 $CIPPO

Smart Contract Address: 0x20c089f991Aa8Fa5a365814290764B99FDe81189
Please do not send any funds to this address as the funds will be lost and cannot be refunded.

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